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ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS Made in Germany, metric fasteners are our forte

We manufacture 15 MIO screws per day, under a zero-defect strategy with an error rate of less than 50 ppm.

Screws that are inserted in our BRASS BOLTS, which are also manufactured in Germany, are precision turned parts, as well as other components machined from materials such as BRASS, COPPER and ALUMINIUM.

Metric screws-Large quantities

Specialist in special screws for the electrical, electronic and electronics sectors.

  • Size range from 1.6 M to 6.0 M
  • Thread pitches UNC, UNF, BA, WW
  • Special threads from Ø 1.20 to 6.00 mm
  • Steel in strength classes 4.8 to 12.9
  • Made of brass, bronze alloys, stainless steel or special materials
  • Almost all types of surface finishes
  • Large series with a good service in regular batches 100.000-40 million pieces

Bar turning parts – All quantities

Specialist for low voltage electrical parts: large European manufacturer of BORNES

  • High precision
  • Size range from 3mm to 14mm
  • Electrical and electronic sectors
  • Other sectors: automotive and telecommunications
  • Manufactured in brass, copper and aluminium.